There are several ways you can donate to Adam and The Brick Foundation!  Using the links below, you can decide exactly how much you want to contribute, when you want to contribute it, and where you'd like your money to do.  100% of a "one-time" donation to Adam will go directly to Adam.  A "recurring donation" will allow you to give a specific amount of money to Adam each month he is in Cambodia.  Like a "one-time" donation, 100% of your "recurring donations" will go directly to Adam.

You can also make a donation to The Brick Foundation.  The Brick Foundation is the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization sponsoring Adam and his mission.  The Brick Foundation's sponsorship allows you to make tax-free contributions to Adam and many other worthy projects around the world.  The Brick Foundation has no paid staff, but we do have marketing expenses, processing fees, web hosting and development expenses, and other types of overhead costs.  We hope you'll help us continue our mission by helping us cover our administrative costs. 



Make a one-time donation to Adam.

Your one time donation will help cover one-time expenses such as travel, supplies, and equipment.


Make a recurring donation to Adam.  

Your recurring donation will help cover recurring expenses such as rent and food.


Make a donation to The Brick Foundation.

The Brick Foundation is proud to support Adam and his mission.  100% of the money you donate to a project like Adam's goes directly to the project.  The Brick Foundation itself, however, it not without its own expenses.  Help support the organization that supports so many worthy causes like Adams!



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